What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that connects different apps to each other. For most users it's free! If you use it often, there are paid accounts as well.

How do I connect NiceJob to Quickbooks, Intercom, Zendesk Salesforce, or other apps?

With Zapier!

First, click this link to open the Zapier NiceJob connection page. You'll see this:

Click "Create this Zap".

Choose the app that you want to connect to NiceJob. In our example we'll choose QuickBooks.

Choose your Trigger. 

You can use a trigger like New Customer. That means each time a new customer is created in Quickbooks it will create that customer in NiceJob, saving you double data entry. 

Or you can create a trigger like "Invoice Closed" so each time an invoice closes, NiceJob will send a review invite to the customer. 

Choose your NiceJob Action

The action is what NiceJob will do when your trigger fires. Available actions are:


Enroll a customer in a NiceJob campaign, for example the Get Reviews campaign to get more reviews from your customer. 

Create or update contact

Create the customer in NiceJob or update the details of an existing customer in NiceJob.

Using Zapier with NiceJob reduces needless data entry, saves time, and automates your processes. Enjoy!

More of a visual learner? We got your back! Here's an in-depth video which walks you through each step:

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