When we first built NiceJob, we aimed at creating as much value as possible for our users. That included building in a "Sentiment Filter" or "Review Gate". Which is a system to determine if a customer is happy or not before asking them for a review.

As NiceJob has grown, we've come to appreciate how important transparency is to maintain the trustworthiness of reviews. And though for now at least we still make this feature available, we recommend that our users don't enable it.

How it works

When you invite someone to leave a review, we ask a simple question to them before they leave the review. Would you recommend us to a friend? If they answer yes, they get directed to your review sites. If they say no, we keep their feedback private.

Turning it on or off

By Default the sentiment filter is turned off on all new accounts. You can turn it on at: https://app.nicejob.co/company/funnel

Sentiment Filters and Google

 Sentiment filters are against Google's terms of services, so in NiceJob you cannot enable the sentiment filter if you are collecting reviews on Google. If the filter is turned on, and you activate Google, it will be turned off.

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