NiceJob uses message campaigns to help you meet your goals. For example, when you send a review invite to a customer, we enroll them in a campaign called Get Reviews.

Campaigns have 3 parts:

  1. A Goal. For example, the goal of the Get Reviews campaign is a new review
  2. Customers enrolled in the campaign
  3. Messages that the campaign sends

You can see a campaign's Goal, Customers, and Messages in the NiceJob app at:

Clicking the Messages in this campaign will show you all the messages that get sent as part of a campaign.

Editing campaign messages

Editing campaign messages is very quick and easy. You can do it in two ways.

Personalize a message when your sending it

When inviting a customer to leave a review, click the Save and Preview button.

Personalize the message for the customer and click send. 

Change your default message

Note: This feature is only available on the Standard Plan.

Go to and select See all messages for the campaign you'd like to modify. Modify the messages and press save. Your default messages for the campaign will be changed.

Entering and leaving a campaign

Entering the same customer more than once into a campaign 

Once a customer is in a campaign, they cannot re-enter that campaign until 6 months after they have concluded the campaign.

You can delete them as a customer in the People tab, and then re-add them in the 'Stories' tab (Stories> 'Get a Review'). This leaves asking customers again within 6 months to leave you a review up to your discretion.

That means if you accidentally send a review invite to a customer that is already in a campaign, nothing additional will happen. They'll just continue in the campaign they were already in.

Why? This prevents accidentally sending repeat messages to the same customer and turning a great customer into an annoyed one.

Leaving a campaign

Customers leave a campaign when either the campaigns goal is met, or all messages in the campaign have been sent.

So for example in the case of the Get Reviews campaign, once a customer has left a review, they will be exited from the campaign.

You can also manually unenroll a customer from a campaign. How? Check this out:

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