NiceJob automatically sorts your contacts by customers and leads. The primary purpose of this is for NiceJob clients that are using our Convert website product and tracking their conversion rate. 

When NiceJob designates a contact as a lead, it's for the purpose of identifying which contacts were from website leads, not for describing the current lifecycle state of a contact as either a lead or a customer.

If you're not using NIceJob Convert, the separation of leads and customers won't effect you, and you can generally just use the ALL tab on the People menu in NiceJob. 

You'll notice there are three tabs on the top of the people menu:

  • All
  • Customers
  • Leads

What do these mean?


All of your contacts.


Leads are contacts that came from your website:

  • If you're using the NiceJob lead form on your website, anyone who fills out this form becomes a lead
  • If you've connected ResponsiBid, the contacts synched between platforms become leads


Customers are contacts that came from other sources: 

  • Anyone verified to have left a review for your company on sites like Google etc.
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