We're so excited that you're looking to work with us and our referral program! NiceJob has set up a generous referral program to encourage customers to help their friends get the reputation they deserve.  Below, you'll find a simple step-by-step process that outlines how the program works:

Referral Process for Customers: 

-Send your customers your specific referral link that we've sent you to get started (please request one if you're interested).

-Your friend signs up on our free trial using your link. We track this on our system!

-Our Customer Success Managers will work with your customers to ensure they get the most out of our platform. 

-If your friend becomes a NiceJob customer after their trial ends, you and your friend both get a $50 credit towards your account.

-At the end of every month, we credit you with all accrued referral credits with a report outlining this. 

-Rinse and Repeat!

NiceJob's mission is to help your friends get the reputation they deserve through developing software that ensures great work never goes unappreciated, unrewarded, or unrecognized. We do this through getting them more reviews, referrals, and sales through software that can completely automate their reputation marketing!

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